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Library of the Four Winds

A source of inspiration at the intersection of realities

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Welcome to the Library of the Four Winds.

It is an ancient building, vast oak doors open at the slightest touch to reveal a small foyer where Archibald, an old balding gentleman dressed in a slightly tattered bellhop's uniform, looks after checked in bags and suitcases. He'll smile at you and you'll be forced to ignore the fact you can read the noticeboard behind him straight through his head.

A set of leadlight glass doors lead to the main library. They need not be touched at all, they open with the sigh of a breeze as you approach, their inscription of 'Leave not your will behind' seeming to flutter gently in the glass.

And you enter into the library itself. The same breeze that had caught the doors, catches your hair (if you have any) and ruffles it gently. You may even hear your name whispered in welcome.

To your left, is a large desk. A lone woman stands behind it, bustling, yet not hurried, piling and shifting books. She is as transparent as Archibald, and if you asked her, she would tell you her name. She is Windcharmer, the Librarian of the Library of the Four Winds. She is both young and old, naïve yet wise. If you have a question she will do her utmost to find the answer for you.

The wind plays with your hair.

Welcome to the Library of the Four Winds, a community designed to provide for role playing characters and fic writers in need of inspiration.

Library Rules:

The Library of the Four Winds - Challenge section - is a Fiction, Role Playing and Icon Challenge Community.

- Each week a one word challenge will be issued for members to reply to.

- Replies can be prose in role play format or straight fiction, but must be 100 words or more in length. Poetry must be a minimum of four lines. Icons must be in standard LJ format - maximum 100x100 pixels and maximum 40K file size. A copy of the reply must be posted to the community.

- There is no strict due date for reply, though members are encouraged to post at least once a month. A community is nothing without participation.

- Anyone can post to the library, including multiple versions of the same role play character, fan fic writers, original fic writers and icon artists. Role playing is allowed.

- Please supply a character/muse name (if applicable), fandom and word count in your post. This helps the librarian catalogue your post for later access.

- Anything occurring with a rating beyond PG-13, a length beyond 250 words or with spoilers should be kept behind a cut with appropriate warnings attached. The responsibility for what is read lies with the reader. The responsibility for the warnings lies with the writer. Icons with spoilers should also be placed behind cuts. Please post the required warnings and heed them.

- Out of character posts, introductions, off topic conversations, etc can be posted in the Library Workroom - low_workroom. A muse is welcome to make an In Character introduction in the Library itself upon joining, but after that, all non-challenge posts are to be made in the Workroom.

- Access to older posts via fandom, character, journal or challenge is available through the Library Catalogue. The Catalogue is updated weekly at minimum so please wait at least that long for any new characters to appear there after their initial post.

- The Librarian does not speak chat speak, so if you want to be understood, proper English or other language is a good idea.

- Play nice, Windcharmer carries a yard long steel ruler around with her, misbehave and expect painful knuckles.

- The Librarian reserves the right to ban and/or kick out any malcontents. Please play nice or she will call in a tornado.

- All queries to windcharmer

Welcome to the Library of the Four Winds...enter and be entertained…

Disclaimers and warnings
- All fandom characters and universes are the property of their original creators. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made from this site. This is for fan amusement only.
- All original works remain the property of their creators.
- The Library of the Four Winds is a community of multiple fandoms and universes. Some content may be of an adult nature. Readers should be aware of this and take the appropriate measures to heed this warning, individual entry warnings and have an awareness of law, age limits and their personal taste to avoid reading material of an inappropriate nature.
- Entry content is solely the individual poster's responsibility as is supplying the required warnings of content. The community maintainers catalogue and order the information and will ask for the rules to be maintained. However, this is an unmoderated community. Should there be an item of concern, it is up to the complainant to contact the maintainers and point out the problem.
- The maintainers' decision is final.